Welcome to CyberWolves, LLC. Proudly supporting diversity and providing a welcoming "Concierge Service" model of doing business while making your safety our number one priority! 

We are a firearms dealer who provides NRA Certified training, background check services for firearms transfers and the sale of premium firearms, accessories and supplies.  Where we differ from many traditional gun stores is in our strong, unwavering and proud support of diversity. 

We are proud of our outreach to everyone from law enforcement officers to those individuals and groups often marginalized and disenfranchised by overtly conservative oriented gun groups and stores.  These include many cultural and racial minorities, women, gays and lesbians,self-identified progressives, liberals, independents and democrats.  At CyberWolves LLC, we respect and value all forms of diversity and only consider your lawful ability to possess a firearm and your desire to learn about responsible and safe gun ownership to be of interest to us.  Whether you are an experienced police officer, gun owner or new (and maybe even a bit nervous about) the idea of gun ownership, how to handle a gun safely or how to protect yourself we promise to treat you with a welcoming, understanding, respectful and supportive environment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are in the process of obtaining our Federal Firearms Licensing (FFL) from the Federal Government now and will be up and operational shortly. In addition to our own in-house personnel, we are also establishing a relationships with a local "diversity friendly" range owners and we are establishing a national network for "diversity friendly" NRA Certified Instructors and FFL holders in order to facilitate referrals to welcoming service providers anywhere in the country!  If you are absolutely committed to supporting diversity and are interested in partnering with us, just drop a line.  

To all our future customers, we sincerely look forward to being of service to you VERY soon! In the meantime, consider registering on our site and to our newsletter so we can keep you posted with updates.  We also highly value your feedback, comments and suggestions!

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Riamh nár dhruid ó spairn lann. Learn More
This phrase appears on the original 69th New York Regimental Colors under a Sunburst and Irish Harp.
Translated from Gaelic it means "Those who never retreated from the clash of spears". It is pronounced "Reeve naw-r ghruid owe spairn lon".